May 2021 | Sydney
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Dr Catherine Rickwood

Dr Catherine Rickwood is Founder and CEO of Three Sisters Group – a consulting firm that specialises in providing strategic advice and workshops on ageing. She works with organisations to co-design and create innovative approaches to business strategies including: human resource management; new product development; and service delivery.

Catherine is an advocate for eliminating generational labelling, smashing age stereotypes, addressing ageism, and working with the corporate sector to harness the opportunities associated with the ‘100 year life’. She is regularly invited to speak about retirement and ageing at conferences following her provocative TEDx talk that suggested ‘Retirement is Redundant’.

Her blog covers a wide variety of topics from the impact of de-greying the workforce on customer experience to intergenerational job sharing and the gig economy.

Catherine completed a PhD in her 40s and believes lifelong learning is essential to living a longer, healthier life. She is a member of the Advisory Council for Macquarie University’s innovative online Global MBA and an academic mentor with the University of Sydney in the Master of Management program, ranked as the #1 program in Australia by the Financial Times.

Catherine has 2 core beliefs:

1. That we all have the potential to be greater than the age stereotypes currently portrayed in the media; and,

2. That individually and collectively, we all have the responsibility and potential to be greater than the outdated ideas associated with retirement.

Dr Rickwood plans to live a full and active life to 100 and beyond.