May 2021 | Sydney

Kate Doak

A passionate storyteller, Kate loves finding great news stories and giving them a life of their own both on Television and online. Whether it’s creating havoc in Australian politics, unearthing corruption and human rights abuses or warming people’s hearts with stories about premature babies, Kate relishes how her job ensures that she never stops learning.

This is highlighted by how Kate used her skills as a researcher to uncover a major exclusive for 10 during Australia’s change of Prime Ministers in August 2018, while also creating a constitutional crisis at the same time. Kate also uncovered the Richmond Tigers Groping Scandal in August 2020 alongside 10’s National Affairs Editor Hugh Riminton, sending shockwaves through both the AFL and wider Australian sporting community.

A country girl at heart, Kate also knows what it feels like to be “different” after having to hide both her sexuality and gender identity as a child, in the small town that she went to school at. Possessing a passion for horses and music as well as an eye for Rugby, she survived and now thrives as a valued member of the 10 News First family.

Kate views it as her duty to help LGBTI youth see a future for themselves, in the same way that her own straight allies and LGBTI role models such as 10’s own Narelda Jacobs, Matt Burke, Sandra Sully and Hugh Riminton amongst others have guided her.