May 2021 | Sydney

Katherine Maver

Katherine is highly respected in IBM as a person who is driven and can deliver projects without the compromise of quality.

Katherine also sits on the Board of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Association (SLGBA) as the President and chairs their Governance Committee.  The membership voted to appoint Katherine Maver, their first openly Trans Woman. This is a historic moment and is a move to ensure that the board and association is truly diverse.

Katherine is an active member of the Trans community since transitioning 25yrs ago, and she uses her standing in the corporate world to influence to effect change and continue the fight of equality in the workplace.

In 2017, Katherine also launched “The Diversity Shift” which is a public speaking and mentoring company, which sole aim is to shift the conversation around diversity from tolerance to acceptance.  In 2018, Katherine was one of the founding members of Trans Pride Australia, which promote visibility and awareness of Transgender and Gender Diverse matters in the greater community. Katherine has used her position as a leader to fight for LGBTI rights in the corporate sector.