May 2021 | Sydney
Mary Haddock Stanilan image

Mary Haddock-Staniland

Mary Haddock-Staniland is a straight-talking no-nonsense Diversity Champion and MC/Speaker. Mary is a brave and friendly individual who is often the glue that brings people together. Before joining Diversity Works New Zealand as Head of Membership Services, Mary came from advertising agency Ogilvy, where she was first the HR Manager, then became a Business Director for the Film Production department. Mary has worked as the General Manager of Employee Support Services and in a previous role at EAP Services was responsible for managing the national emergency employee assistance team for the months following the February 2011 Canterbury earthquakes.

Mary has a large social media presence which is used to promote issues of social justice in a positive and affirming way. As well as being an innovative, forward-thinking diversity champion, Mary is a highly sought after Speaker/MC. Mary brings elegance, eloquence and charm to a glittering gala dinner and to a conference she lends her sharp mind, professionalism and quick wit. Many of Mary’s clients book her year after year because they believe her skills as an MC, facilitator and interviewer are difficult to surpass. Mary can “think on her feet” and react naturally to all manner of situations. Described by those who work with her as passionate, hardworking, insightful, creative, committed and tenacious.

Mary Haddock-Staniland, a voice for social change in New Zealand, and looking fabulous while she does it.