May 2021 | Sydney

Roger Antochi

Roger Antochi is someone who has something very unique to offer the disengaged and disconnected young people he has worked with…. He doesn’t have to try and “walk in their shoes” to understand them – Roger has first-hand experience of what it’s like to be young, vulnerable, unsupported by parents, homeless, depressed and living behind prison bars. This was his life for many years a life that could have easily continued had he not turned it totally around.

Roger is now a qualified Alcohol and Other Drugs / Mental Health Care Worker/ Youth Worker and Community Welfare & Development Worker, with over 14 years of experience working within the community sector.  Roger has worked as Program Manager for the Toll Group where he managed a supported employment program for ex-offenders and recovering addicts called “Second Step”, he has worked as a Street Outreach Worker for Whitelion and also worked as the National Partnerships and Events Manager where he cultivated and managed crucial funding requirements for the organisation.  His community work has been recognised by Sir Richard Branson and Roger was one of 30 people – recognised as the 30 most inspirational Australians – chosen to be painted by famous portrait artist Vincent Fantauzzo.

Today Roger is the General Manager of a Foundation called Talent RISE that sits inside an innovative and highly-successful global IT, Tech & Digital recruitment services specialist business called Talent International, the Talent RISE foundation aims to support and inspire  Young People across the world about the potential career opportunities within the Technology industry. Roger is leading the Talent RISE team in creating a movement within the Technology community to unite over 15 million TECH PROS globally in solving youth unemployment.  Roger is also a board member for Fruit2Work which is a unique Social Enterprise business that aims to support ex-offenders by offering them supported employment opportunities within the business.

Roger is definitely an inspiring Influencer & Entrepreneur for Social Justice and considered a significant strong youth Advocate & Activist for young people involved in the justice systems globally. Roger shares his personal journey and knowledge of the community welfare sector across a range of levels within our society from Government to Corporate and of course the Youth of today.

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Diversity beyond gender – Short Story 3 – From Prisons to Boardrooms
Afternoon sessions 14:45 - 15:00