June 2022 | Sydney

Kirsty Muddle

Kirsty is a Founding Partner of Cummins&Partners, a start up that entered the Australian market 7 years ago.

She has 17 years experience in Advertising and Media. A keynote speaker at Women in Marketing, Money in Sport,  and sits on various industry juries including ADMA AC&E and MFA.

She has a background in econometrics, strategy, an M.B.A and a strength in bringing together brands, publishers and people to create innovation and commercial alliances that create competitive advantage and cut through for our clients.

Kirsty grew up as an expat brat living in over 14 countries before the age of 25, and spent most of her early career surrounded by Global, European and UK accounts, like Nike, Unilever, Kellogg, AMEX, HSBC, Kimberly-Clark Nestle and Ford at Mindshare. Since returning to Australia she has used that global lens to help launch International brands locally and Australian brands globally, with the likes of Pernod Ricard’s global account for: Jacob’s Creek and G.H Mumm, Telco – launched Motorola into the South Pacific and L’Oreal Groupe’s Luxury brand: Kiehl’s into Australia. She has also worked across Kailis Pearls, Asahi, Vodafone, Deakin University, Jeep, Fiat, Energy Australia.

She spent time working in Bahrain developing the Motorsport Centre of Excellence and picked up a penchant for driving fast cars. But the fast cars have been replaced with a passion for her 1 year old daughter, Matilda. Who is named after Australia. Our home.

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Attracting diverse talent into advertising and media
Mid-morning sessions 11:30-11:40
CMOs Panel: Leveraging the opportunities of multicultural Australia
Mid-morning sessions 11:40-12:15